Scientific Breakthrough in Neutralizing Viruses

Through a joint effort between IBM Watson Research and Singapore’s Institute of Bioengineering, Nanotechnology, a macromolecule has been created that may treat multiple types of viruses and prevent infections. This giant molecule made of smaller sub-units was designed from the ground up to specifically address the usual problems associated with fighting viruses. It attracts the … Continue reading Scientific Breakthrough in Neutralizing Viruses

Organic Family Fun with Farmers on the Square

(Originally posted on July 4, 2015) Farmers on the Square in Carlisle, PA is an amazing place to not only find the best of locally produced organic foods, but it is also a great place to bring your family to learn about healthy eating and living. This open-air market is operated by farmers who work … Continue reading Organic Family Fun with Farmers on the Square

Too Much Trauma Drama

The official definition of trauma has changed so much that it’s hard to keep up. So what does it really mean? Should health professionals define it in terms of events or reactions? The answer is important considering that funding, legal compensation and treatments rely on it. The term originally referred to bodily injury, but has … Continue reading Too Much Trauma Drama

This Is Your Brain on a Smartphone

(Originally posted on April 15, 2015) Improvements in our technology have not only changed our routines, access to information and daily lives, it may also be changing the way that our brains are processing it all. Scientists are using smartphones to learn more about how our brains change and adapt to our environment and routines. … Continue reading This Is Your Brain on a Smartphone

New Alzheimer’s Treatment Without Drugs

(Originally posted on March 31, 2015) Australian scientists have successfully tested a new Alzheimer’s treatment on mice. This new treatment incorporates the use of ultrasound technology instead of drugs to clear plaques and restore memory. Current Alzheimer’s treatments only work for a short time and do not remove plaques. This new treatment option has the … Continue reading New Alzheimer’s Treatment Without Drugs