Published a New Article Today

I published my first article with The Swamp this morning in their Controversy and Legislation sections. Appropriately for the mess that is going on in this country today, it is the story of the first conviction of a hate crime involving a transgender woman. In 2008, Allen Andrade murdered Angie (Justin) Zapata in an especially … Continue reading Published a New Article Today

Researchers Use DNA to Hack Computer System

That dark day that we have all been dreading has arrived. Scientists have allowed an infected strand of DNA to hack into a computer system. Just months after researchers at Harvard placed a GIF inside a DNA strand, a team at the University of Washington purchased short strands of DNA online and encoded malicious software … Continue reading Researchers Use DNA to Hack Computer System

Successful Spinal Cord Repair in Rats

Neuroscientist, Sergio Canavero says his rats treated with the Gemini Protocol have had no adverse effects and have regained movement. This method of fusing spinal cords using polyethylene glycol (PEG) has been used on laboratory rats with successful results. This puts Canavero a step closer to his goal announced in 2015 to perform a head transplant using the Gemini Protocol that he created.

New Moms: CDC Warns Against Placenta Consumption

A growing trend among new mothers can be potentially dangerous according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Whether raw, cooked or in pill form, some new moms believe that major health benefits can be gained through consuming their placenta after childbirth. Proponents say that it increases milk production, energy and helps to prevent postpartum depression.

Schizophrenia Patients May Find Relief Through Monkeys

Psychologists have recognized for some time now that working memory holds information for short periods as long as you can stay focused. This is the reason that soon after you have seen something, you are still able to imagine it in your head. Researchers have recently unlocked another piece of this puzzle and even though … Continue reading Schizophrenia Patients May Find Relief Through Monkeys

Fidget Spinner Psychology: Its Just a Toy

If you have a child with behavioral disorders, I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the fidget spinner. It is being hailed as the new go-to treatment for children with attention disorders. Some believe this little device that spins in your hand as you hold it has some influence on the brain that can help … Continue reading Fidget Spinner Psychology: Its Just a Toy

Keeping Your Brain More Focused

Over stimulation is a way of life these days with so much technology readily available. Neuroscience suggests that incorporating tech-free activities into your daily schedule can keep your mind on track and more focused. Life has been made much easier by the technologies available today. They have also made life more of a challenge in … Continue reading Keeping Your Brain More Focused