About Kathy

kcI’m a 40-something wife and mother who loves to write and help others to write better. I worked for a local newspaper reporting and photographing local news several years ago and I miss it very much. I did some work in the editing and copy writing departments but my true love was my weekly column. I wrote satire each week for nearly four years. Blogging and content writing keep my creative urges at bay.

I’ve written on a wide variety of topics but I am most interested in science and technology. I adore the research aspect of writing and these subjects afford me plenty of that.

I’ve been blogging here and there for years and I’ve tried to centralize it all to this new site. I spend a lot of time writing articles all over the Internet but I try to get back here a few times each week.

If you are interested in my writing, check back soon. If there is something you’d like to see more of here, just shoot me a message and tell me what’s on your mind! Also check out my “Hire Me” page if you are in need of great content, social media management, editing or other writing and online marketing help.