Gavin’s Non-Wish List


Gavin, our youngest, will be 5 years old next month. He’s a happy, healthy, rambunctious, little man who knows exactly what he wants…well, most of the time. He’s bright and curious and he talks constantly about absolutely everything. He has also learned young and well, just how to twist his Mommy around his tiny little finger.

Lately, I’ve been teasing him with the fact that my birthday is coming up before his. He’ll ask me what I want for my birthday and my reply is always the same, “I want hugs and kisses from my fellas. That’s what makes me happy!” He then vows to smother me with love on my birthday.

Now that we’re a month away from Gavin’s big day, I really thought he would be reciting his birthday wish list from memory, but for some reason, he isn’t. I have no idea what to get him and he’s not discussing it. So, this morning as I strapped him into his car seat, I finally broke down and just asked him what he wants for his birthday. He kind of shrugged and I told him think about it and let me know.

Halfway to his day care, he says, “Do you know what ‘Highway Pets’ are?” (He meant “HideAway Pets.” I had to Google it.) I told him I didn’t know and he proceeded to tell me that they are stuffed animals with all these awesome features and they are so soft that they feel like a real pet….and on….and on….until he ran out of breath and had to take a few seconds to suck some more air into his lungs so he could finish up with, “I sure do like those, but I don’t want one.” I giggled a little and then asked, “Well, what DO you want?” He thought for a second and told me that he just didn’t know.

The next thing I heard from the back seat was a list of very random things. “nail polish, Barbie dolls, hair clips…anything pink…” When I realized what I had just heard, I was a little confused so I asked, “Are those things you want for your birthday?”

“No, Mama! Those are things I DON’T want!” …and then he listed more things he doesn’t want, including “love and hugs and kisses,” because he gets those all the time anyway and he “don’t need anymore of that.”

So, here I am, a month away from my baby boy’s birthday and not only do I not know what to get him, I now know exactly what NOT to get him and I am no longer allowed to love on him or hug him or kiss him on November 26th. He’s growing up on me…

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