Catastrophic Curtains

(Originally posted on October 13, 2013.)

Nearly a year ago, we decided to give our bedroom a makeover and while we were at it, we decided to just move to a totally different room in the house. I generally avoid change but it was time. It was a little overdue actually.

I liked my color scheme and I really liked the curtains and a matching picture that hung over the bed, so I just decided to match everything to those. Before I knew it, our new bedroom was complete. There was a place for everything and everything was in its place.

Recently, we’ve decided that we miss our old, larger bedroom. While I was happy with the actual makeover, we just missed that extra space. So after the morning coffee yesterday, we started moving back into the old room.

Everything worked out nicely and by the time I reached the point of cleaning out the two closets and moving everything around, I was just too tired and vowed to work through that today. I knew that the thought of all our clothes and whatnot being housed so far away from our bed, would be a problem for me but it was just one night. I could make it through just one night of knowing that the closet closest to my bed was a mix of things that I use only once a year or so. I could do it. I could make it.

I had no idea there would be a much bigger problem…the curtains. I forgot to change out the curtains. They were just all wrong! Blue curtains with my burgundy color scheme had me tossing and turning in the night. I mean really, how could anyone sleep in a room where the curtains don’t match?

Apparently my other half has no problem with it. I’ve been up for hours chomping at the bit knowing that the curtains are just wrong…and he’s sleeping in there! With the wrong curtains! How could this be? I’m not even in the room with those curtains and it’s making my skin crawl. I haven’t even thought about the closet…just those curtains. They are all I can think about. They are just hanging there mocking the rest of the room and laughing hysterically. How can he continue to sleep with all that noise? I just don’t get it.

So, today is the day I’ll get those curtains changed. That will be the first thing I’ll do after my coffee. Though I can’t imagine how I could possibly enjoy this coffee while those curtains are on that window, I’ll somehow get through. I take a tiny bit of comfort in the fact that very soon, the curtains will be as they should…and then I’ll turn my attention to the closet catastrophe.

Are you a little OCD about certain things?

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