Schizophrenia Patients May Find Relief Through Monkeys

Psychologists have recognized for some time now that working memory holds information for short periods as long as you can stay focused. This is the reason that soon after you have seen something, you are still able to imagine it in your head. Researchers have recently unlocked another piece of this puzzle and even though … Continue reading Schizophrenia Patients May Find Relief Through Monkeys

Fidget Spinner Psychology: Its Just a Toy

If you have a child with behavioral disorders, I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the fidget spinner. It is being hailed as the new go-to treatment for children with attention disorders. Some believe this little device that spins in your hand as you hold it has some influence on the brain that can help … Continue reading Fidget Spinner Psychology: Its Just a Toy

Keeping Your Brain More Focused

Over stimulation is a way of life these days with so much technology readily available. Neuroscience suggests that incorporating tech-free activities into your daily schedule can keep your mind on track and more focused. Life has been made much easier by the technologies available today. They have also made life more of a challenge in … Continue reading Keeping Your Brain More Focused

What You Need to Know About Powassan Virus

A little-known virus is making the headlines recently and though it is very rare, it can be life threatening.  Lyme disease is the most commonly known disease spread by ticks. Powassan virus is also spread in the same manner. In the last 10 years, there have only been 75 cases reported in the United States … Continue reading What You Need to Know About Powassan Virus

Misdiagnosed UTIs in Women

At least 1 in 5 patients are being misdiagnosed when it comes to urinary tract infections. According to a new study, the standard test for UTIs is failing to catch bacteria in the urine. UTIs are most commonly detected in women because their anatomy makes them more susceptible. Recently a new diagnosis of 'urethral syndrome' … Continue reading Misdiagnosed UTIs in Women

Safe Pain Relief Needed for Former Opioid Addicts

According to federal estimates, there were nearly 1.5 million Americans treated for prescription opioid or heroin addiction in 2015 alone. It is often unclear to many doctors how to manage pain in these patients after surgery or injury. What begins as pain relief for former addicts, can end in tragedy.   Before surgery, doctors routinely … Continue reading Safe Pain Relief Needed for Former Opioid Addicts

First Shipworms Discovered Alive

Scientists have discovered the first live shipworm in the Philippines. The huge mollusk has been around for hundreds of years but scientists have never seen a live one. Finding this slimy black creature encased in a tusk-like shell has been compared to finding a dinosaur or  the "unicorn of mollusks." A documentary crew filmed divers … Continue reading First Shipworms Discovered Alive

Stem Cells Show Promise In Fighting Autism

A new study is offering hope for families impacted by Autism. Twenty-five children took part in the first-of-its-kind study at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. The goal was to see whether a transfusion of their own umbilical cord blood containing rare stem cells could help treat their autism. The results were impressive. More than two-thirds of the children reported improvements. A larger second trial is underway and

Prions and Infectious Brain Disease

Scientists are digging deeper into the causes and complications of dementia, Alzheimers and other diseases involving impaired brain function. Although prions are healthy proteins found inside the brain, they sometimes develop into pathogens that cause a variety of infections and abnormalities. Decades of research is currently revealing that when prions are misfolded, they can become … Continue reading Prions and Infectious Brain Disease